We strive to
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3R Life Sciences is committed to providing innovative and quality medical devices that are life-enhancing and life-saving.
Our leading product, VIGOR, is a long-term implantable mechanical circulatory support system intended to address chronic heart failure.

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The VIGOR Circulatory Assist System is an investigational device. It is indicated for patients afflicted with NYHA IIIb or INTERMACS profile 4 – 6 heart failure. It may be considered as a bridge-to-recovery, bridge-to-transplantation, or destination therapy. 

Gentle On The Heart

The VIGOR Blood Pump is implanted on the descending aorta, which allows for surgery to be conducted without interference or surgical trauma to the heart

Early Intervention

With superior blood handling capability and anticipated reduction in post-implant complications, the VIGOR System presents a promising treatment option for patients with advanced ambulatory heart failure

Supports Active Lifestyle

The VIGOR Driver weighs less than 2 kg making it easily portable. It runs on interchangeable batteries that can each support more than 9 hours of operation

Core Technology

Counter-pulsatile Support

Reduces left ventricular afterload and provides hemodynamic improvement by augmenting myocardial and organ perfusion

Smart Regulation

Amount of circulatory support provided is autonomously adjusted by the VIGOR Driver in response to the patient’s heart rate and aortic pressure waveform

Blood Compatibility

Novel hemodynamic design that minimizes blood trauma thereby reducing risks of bleeding and thrombotic adverse events

Long-term Monitoring

Embedded sensors enable long-term monitoring of central arterial pressure and flow parameters to inform clinical management aiming for cardiac recovery

VIGOR Circulatory Assist System

Our Products

Implanted Components

Include an Aortic Adapter, a Blood Pump and a Percutaneous Lead that provides pneumatic and electrical connection between the Blood Pump and the external Driver unit.

External Components

Include a Driveline that serves as an extension of the Percutaneous Lead and a Driver that controls the filling and ejection of the implanted Blood Pump.
The Driver is powered by smart Batteries that can support more than 9 hours of pumping operation. 

Surgical Tools

Dedicated tools are designed for VIGOR Implantation to accomplish a safe surgical procedure.

Clinical Monitor

The VIGOR Clinical Monitor provides a user interface for the clinician to access device diagnostic and pump operation information. The Driver program parameters can then be adjusted to optimize VIGOR System operation to meet the hemodynamic need of the patient.

Accessory Gears

Wearable accessories are provided to allow patients to carry the external VIGOR System components comfortably. The accessories are designed to allow patients to be safely active across different lifestyles (e.g., Backpack, Shower Bag, Patient Vest, etc.).

Pipeline Assets

3R is dedicated to developing innovative medical devices in the cardiovascular arena and has multiple pipeline assets in development beyond the VIGOR System.  

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